A day trip to France

We started our day at the Paris Street Market that is held six months per year in our neighborhood. It is a outdoor market where vendors sell antiques, food, jewelry, fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, and their treasures. It draws huge crowds of people from all over to celebrate this beautiful time of year in Colorado.  
From the Paris Street Market, we traveled to our friend Josette’s home for an authentic French luncheon. Josette was born in Lure, France where her family owned a lace factory.


Josette married an American, Herbert. They made their way to Colorado where she became friends with Joy, who is my good friend.

Josette (right) et sa soeur

Josette is an excellent cook and has given cooking lessons to several of us over the years. 

Bienvenue, mon ami!

On the menu today is Endive with cream cheese and smoked salmon,French onion soup, French deviled Eggs with homemade mayonnaise and crab, fresh beets, fresh Romaine lettuce with Josette’s salad dressing AND of course wine!

endives avec fromage à la crème et le saumon

betteraves fraîchesoeufs


à la diableoeufs à la diable


soupe à l'oignon gratinee

 The French onion soup was fabulous. The Swiss cheese was not stringy, very smooth and it melted in my mouth.  Cheers to you Josette for sharing your home and culinary talents with the Fearless Cook on the Inaugural Club event. We shall all come together again in July for our next cooking club event.

À votre santé

Maybe we will make it to Lure, France someday. In the meantime we can gaze upon this picture and dream of longer trips to come.

Lure, France

8 thoughts on “A day trip to France

  1. It looks like you all had so much fun! Congrats to Josette for hosting your first luncheon.

    P.S. I didn’t know you lived in CO. It is gorgeous this time of year. (When I was young, we lived in Westminster/Arvada for a couple years.)


  2. I’m originally from the midwest. I moved to Colorado 27 years ago and never left. I love it.
    So glad you enjoyed the first post of the inaugural new blog. I dream come true for me 2 years in the making to have a cooking club


  3. How lucky I am to have been directed to this blog. What an excellent idea! I look forward to hearing about everyone’s culinary adventures. And Colorado – one of my very good blog friends (on my literary blog side) lives somewhere in the mountains there. I will have to mention your blog. She will love it, too!


  4. A blogger friend of mine tipped me off to your new blog as I live here in Colorado too! I am an Oklahoma transplant and we first moved here in 1983. We are now SW of Evergreen; I’m almost at the tail end of my 50’s and I’ve had many adventures trying to cook at high altitude (8300′). Good luck to you and YOUR adventures. I’ll be following along and cheering you on!


  5. I moved to Colorado in 1984 – 27 years goes by quickly eh? I am from Illinois originally and spent time in Iowa before moving to this beautiful state. Thank you for stopping by and checking out our adventures in cooking. The club will be meeting the first weekend in July. Maybe Italian will be on the menu? My friend Barb went to Italy a couple of years ago and has made fanastic dishes. She also has some fabulous Italian wine glasses I have never seen before. I will be sure to take pictures.


  6. I took home the endive leftovers. My husband thought it was bitter. I found it to be enjoyable with the cream cheese mixture (scallions and crab maybe) and the smoked salmon totally hid the bitterness. Thanks for dropping by. You are so sweet.


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