Au revoir Josette

Our original inspiration to gather, cook and learn from each other, came from our French friend Josette. At a young 85 years of age, she left for milder weather and sea level altitude on the east coast. We made promises to meet again in the spring 2012.

We got together this past week to celebrate our bratwurst and sauerkraut creations and to say farewell to Josette.

We sampled the bratwurst and sauerkraut. The taste test results were as follows:

Two members found the bratwurst to not be fatty enough and too mild. My husband who has eaten his fair share of brats in his life thought they were just right.

Two members’ sauerkraut results were foul, two turned out fabulous and two members found that they were not fans of sauerkraut anyway! I canned my sauerkraut yielding four quarts from four cabbages.

The homemade pretzels and mustard were a hit (see post of October 31,2011). We had a scrumptious apple strudel for dessert  and of course lots of beer and wine.

Cheers to Autumn and to the end of another cooking endeavor. Au Revoir Josette! Until we meet again.