Taking a Break

The Fearless Cook will be heading to the BlogHer Food 2012 conference in Seattle, Washington next month. I will be volunteering as a Mic Wrangler and gleaning wisdom from successful food bloggers. I will be posting pictures and food blogging tips while there. Like a reporter!

My other blog, the patty beat http://pattyabr.wordpress.com is getting some more action lately as I wake up from watching life roll by the past year as a new empty nester. Check it out today as I comment on The Circle of Life.  That is the only Lion King reference made. tee hee.

A Mother’s love: Alfajores.

I tasted my first Alfajore cookie a few years ago when my husband brought home a box from a business trip in Argentina. It was love at first bite, melt in your mouth deliciousness.

I saw a recipe for Alfajores last year from Relish May 2011. The article mentioned that these cookies are a traditional Mother’s Day cookie. Any mother who loves to bake will have no trouble making these cookies for their children because it is all about love. I’m an empty-nester so I shared these cookies with my husband who had no complaints.

Patty’s Points:

1) The half flour, half cornstarch combination was a first for me. It made the cookie melt in your mouth.

2) The dough was very tender, but rolling the dough in the cornstarch was easier to accomplish than I thought. I used a biscuit cutter to cut out the cookie. I used a metal spatula to lift the cookie disc off the cutting board so as to not damage it.

3) The boiling of the can of sweetened condensed milk was an interesting method to caramelize the sugars for the filling. If I use this method again I would place the can on some type on metal sieve or plate in the bottom of the pan. My pan had a film on the lining of my pan from the can and stained the bottom of my pan.

The cookie was melt in your mouth delicious, great with a cup of tea or coffee.

Now that I have accomplished the basic Alfajore recipe I am ready to move on to different flavors like from 6 Bittersweets website for Chocolate Nutella Alfajores. I absolutely love Nutella so looks like a great recipe to try next.

I also sent a Mother’s Day wish out to my children at my other blog site May 8,2012 posting at the patty beat . Check it out! Happy Mother’s Day.

Whoa Nelly! Derby City Chocolate Pecan Pie

The Kentucky Derby is this coming Saturday, May 5th, a rite of passage of spring. Many people have parties celebrating all things Kentucky and horse racing. My sister and her husband went to the pre-Kentucky Derby race activities last year and actually sat in a box next to Bobby Flay!

If you are throwing your own party you should check out the Kentucky Derby website where you can find authentic Derby recipes, including the famous mint julep.

I saw this recipe in the Denver Post May 2011 and was intrigued as I have never made a pecan pie before. As you can read in the article, the Derby Pie was created in 1954 by Walter and Leaudra Kern as the specialty pastry of the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky. Apparently the recipe is top secret, so this recipe was created from the basic ingredients.

Patty’s Points:

1) EASY.

2) Placing aluminum foil atop the pie while baking for the first 30 minutes will help prevent the crust from burning. Remove the foil the final 15 minutes and the pie becomes the finished product you see above.

Place your bets! This pie is a winner!