Ice Cream Social Countdown: Maple,Bacon,Cayenne Ice Cream

The 4th of July is nearly upon us. I know, isn’t it hard to believe that June is coming to an end? I am such a planner that I decided back in May that Fearless Cooking Club would eat ice cream for an Independence Day gathering.

I got an ice cream maker for Christmas and have been reading recipes everywhere, looking a basic and eclectic recipes.It has been quite a learning experience.

On my December post I had The Cookie Exchange challenge. I thought I would make a similar challenge for myself with ice cream for July. I will make three different ice cream recipes for the cooking club’s Ice Cream Social and choose which one was the best.

Maple, Bacon, Cayenne Ice Cream

Maple Bacon Cayenne Ice Cream from What an intriguing recipe. I am a sucker for bacon. If  bacon can be infused into a recipe, I am all about it.

Here we go….combine and whisk:

  • 8 egg yolks
  • 1 C sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Then heat up:

  • 12 oz evaporated milk
  • 6 oz maple syrup
  • 1 C brown sugar

Whisk the cream mixture into the egg mixture until incorporated.  After mixing together then pour the back onto the pot over the stovetop whisking until it reaches 180 degrees. Then immediately have an ice bath ready to cool off the pot.

While waiting for the cool off :

  • Whip 1 C heavy cream to stiff peaks

Fold the plain whipped cream into the cooled sugar/cream mixture in the pot.

After folding the two liquids mixtures together, pour into ice cube trays to cool off quickly in the freezer.

While the ice cube trays are cooling off, cook up eight pieces of bacon until crisp to have ready. After 4 hours then take the frozen ice cube tray contents and mix with an additional 1 C of cream and place into food processor. If you want to add cayenne, I would say a couple of dashes to 1/8 tsp according to taste.

Add the bacon at the very last step of the food processing  Pour into a plastic container that can tolerate freezing. Shake or invert the mixture every 30 minutes to keep the bacon from settling to the bottom of the container.

Patty’s Points

1. This was my first attempt at making ice cream in an ice bath. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming. It would be a great recipe to make the night before serving it at a dinner party.

2. Wow! Lotsa eggs, cream and sugar. It was really creamy. Most custard ice cream recipes I’ve seen ask for four egg yolks and this one asked for eight! The texture was good. Maybe a little too much sugar?  Almost 3 Cups. Wow again.

3. Really bacon-y. I served it to my dear husband (dh). He said it was “really maple-y” but I think the bacon pieces were overwhelming incorporated into the cream mixture.

After I made my batch I was watching an old Iron Chef America on bacon. Iron Chef Cat Cora made maple bacon ice cream but she cooked the bacon and gave it the flavor of the bacon by marinating cooked pieces of bacon in with the cream mixture then removing it. Essence of bacon, not chunks. I think that is why she is an Iron Chef, the woman is brilliant.

4. The quick freeze mixture with the ice cube trays was an interesting technique. I’m not so sure if it was necessary because I didn’t get back to the final mixture until the following day. It’s a great technique for those without an ice cream maker. I bet it would’ve worked in my ice cream maker fine.

5. My mixture overflowed the food processor and was messy. Next time I’ll use the hand blender (another Christmas present) to incorporated the mixture.

Good tasting recipe, sans the bacon pieces. It would be great to marinate the bacon in the cream mixture, then use the bacon bits to garnish the ice cream.

Next up….mango coconut ice cream…..