Australian coffee and tea chronicles

My husband and I spent two weeks visiting our son who lives in Australia. Our last visit to Australia was 27 years ago when I was about my son’s age. Love the big hair, eh-yea?Patty & koala

The food and drink were wonderful, never had a bad meal. Coffee and tea were available everywhere.

The Australians love their coffee, drinking it all day and late into the night. Coffee shops are on every corner and most of them are not marketed chain stores. Lattes are called flat whites, pictured above.  At home in the U.S. I have pretty much given up coffee and milk, so drinking these were a leap of faith. The cows in Australia must be happier because the milk was creamier and frothier and didn’t make me ill. The baristas made each cup of flat white with love swirling me their signature on each one whether it was a ceramic or paper cup. I saw very few Starbucks but McDonald’s restaurants were quite prominent and they all had McCafe’s inside. McCafe’s served coffee and tea and were lovely respites serving, wait for it…..macarons!

I didn’t abandon my love for hot tea. It was everywhere also. All of the hotels we stayed at had kettles to boil water for tea.

The best part about drinking coffee or tea at a shop was enjoying a sweet or pastry.

Tim Tams are Australian favorites so I stocked up at duty free on my way home. They are chocolate covered cookies with caramel filling. They now come in a variety of flavors.

Tim Tams

Family friends from Australia had told us about the Tim Tam Slam for years. The first coffee shop we saw in the Brisbane airport validated that it really exists. The steps are: 1) bite off the diagonal corners of the Tim Tam. 2) use it as a straw to slurp up a warm cup of tea or coffee, 3) pop it in your mouth and enjoy the melted Tim Tam.

tim tam slam

We’ve been home for a few weeks now. I have returned to my daily spot of tea, sans sweets and pastries. The relaxed feeling of sipping coffee or tea lingers in memory. A moment of civility. Cheers.

great barrier reef

11 thoughts on “Australian coffee and tea chronicles

  1. Sounds like a lovely time. I’d love to visit Australia someday. (I doubt I will, though, because of my aversion to air travel, haha!) I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I wonder if I might like it Aussie style…


  2. Qantas airlines knows how to treat the U.S. travelers flying to Australia. Round trip I watched seven movies, was provided a pillow and blanket, provided four hot meals, and drinks, and snacks were available as needed. I slept only about 3 hours on a 14 hour flight. Allow time to adjust to the time change. I hope you get to go some day!


  3. sounds like you had a great trip to Australia! love the coffee and tea there too! I stock up on tim tams too when i go over to Australia. Thankfully, Sydney is just a 7 hr plus flight away for me.


  4. Hi, so great that you have enjoyed Australia! We sure do love our coffee here. Where about’s did go? I live in Sydney. Check out my Gluten Free blog 🙂


  5. I’m a little jealous you live so much closer than I. It was a lovely trip. So nice to have seen our son. We’ll have to wait until next year when he comes back to visit us.


  6. We went to Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. I love Sydney’s harbor, the bridge and the opera house! I’ll check out your blog. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!


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